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A cool way to use the audio

Posted by kencarroll May 16, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Here's something that I like to do with the audio: I listen to full the dialogs from the podcast one sentence at a time. I stop after each one and compare them with those same sentences then in the Dialog section. The difference between the two is interesting. They're the same sentences but there's a world of difference in how they are presented. I find this informative. 

 The podcast dialogs have  an element of drama and work as a whole. There are usually 2 actors whose job it is to make the thing sound as natural as possible and give it that context. By contrast, the sentences in the 'Dialog' section are  disembodied and deliberately taken out of context in order to allow you to  focus on the sounds. Invariably the voices are different and there is no attempt to 'act' with these.

By comparing the two I think you can learn a lot about natural speech, intonation, stress, emphasis, and a whole lot more. I think this is a hugely useful way to learn because it engages several 'higher order' cognitive functions: you have to infer, to judge, and to make decisions, for example. All this leads to deeper learning.

I'd like to hear from the Big Brain on this.


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