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Tagging Vocabulary - Suggestions?

Posted by billgloverclosed May 16, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm having great trouble knowing how to tag vocabulary and was wondering how other people are using this feature.

I've just done the "colours song" newbie lesson and have been through and tagged the various colours, red, blue, green, white, etc with the "colour" tag. This makes sense and is clearly useful as it allows me to study the colours in one go. But what do I do for words like, sun, him, whose, can, there, etc. I'm finding that most words aren't so easily taggable.

I find this really counter-intuative but maybe I am missing something. How is everyone else using this feature? 

A slightly less fundamental issue, but somewhat puzzling none-the-less is why some tags change case after you enter them: "time" becomes "TIME", "date" becomes "Date", etc. I presume these are keywords of some sort.

[note:] I originally posted the first half of this message on the forum but then I remembered the "connect" section. Not sure where it should go really. Please forgive the double posting.


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