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Guided Subscription Plan?

Posted by calkins May 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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From the subscription plans page:

The Guided Subscription offers the learner personalized support. In addition to full Premium site access, learners have access to a personal teacher, who will assess their goals and needs, and prepare monthly study plans from our extensive archive. The teacher will answer questions posted in the Counseling tab, and at the end of the month the teacher will prepare a personalized test to assess the learners progress, and plan the next month's study.

Would someone (either CPod or a user with this plan) please describe:

...and prepare monthly study plans from our extensive archive.

Does "extensive archive" mean lessons from the lesson archive, or is it an actual written plan?  If it's the latter, what does the plan entail?

I'm curious about the guided subscription...just need more info. to make a decision.


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