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A new bug with PDF? (for Mozilla Firefox users only)

Posted by michele May 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

I’m aware someone may think that I’m a little obsessed with PDF transcripts and stuff like that (I reckon it, with some good reason!). The fact is that, unfortunately, I’m afraid I’ve found a new bug.


I’m not sure if anybody else has already spoken about that, if so I apologize in advance, and I’m a little worried that, up to now, seemingly, I’m the only one, having found this strange fact. So I would appreciate a lot if someone, among the users or from the technical staff of CP, could give some reply to help me to understand.


Using Mozilla Firefox (Xp service pack2), when I try to get the PDF transcripts (both direct left-click on the link, both right-click and open in a new window) the page,  very slowly appears (or even not), but remains  a trembling (abnormal) hourglass beside the arrow of the pointer, then, if I try do anything else, such as close the window, open new window or so, the interface became instable and eventually a real block of the program can occur.


I also have to say that using Internet Explorer everything works fine, at least about wiewing and dowloading the PDFs.


I’ve tried several times since yesterday and always is the same. I have the impression that this problem was not present from the very beggining of the new big change of ChinesPod, but  occurred only in a second moment, let say from yesterday on or so.


Thank you for your attention, Michele.

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