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Traditional PDF problems?

Posted by sjhz97 June 6, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: traditional, character, pdf, RSS, iTunes

Hi all ~

Anybody else having trouble getting Traditional PDFs w/the RSS feed and iTunes after the website rebuild?

I finally tracked down the download/RSS feed options hidden behind the tiny RSS icon located after "My Lessons" at the bottom of the page (might I suggest placing that link in a few more obvious locations? It's not under "Help," and the links that are there there don't work to customize anything).

However, the checkbox for Traditional PDFs seems to keep unchecking itself. Are they no longer offered? Simplified PDFs come through just fine.

An unrelated issue - I tried removing & re-bookmarking podcasts I'd already downloaded to figure out the PDF issue, but now iTunes refuses to re-dowload the whole lesson. Any help???



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