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Official Olympics Cheer

Posted by johnrash June 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

It seems cheering for the Olympics has been structured beyond the "中国加油!" cheers that have followed the Olympic Torch on it's journey towards 北京.  The cheer, apparently, is to offer a more adaptable method for cheering for China or any other country. By substituting second half the official "奥运加油,中国加油“ with the name of your favorite player, sport or country. 

I'm not sure fans of the Olympics really needed an "official" cheer, but making it more internationally accessible might give foreigners a chance to feel they are speaking real Chinese by learning the same chat as the locals. 

Cheerleading was always a game of sheep following the leader. Kind of reminds me of those pre-football game pep rallies held in my high school back in the day.

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