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Posted by wesleywongphoto June 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I am very confused as to how to Bookmark a lesson. As I understand it when you see the words "Bookmark this lesson", if you click onto the label, then the words change to "Marked as studied". This supposedly means that you lesson will now be downloaded into your RSS feed. 

But recently I was having problem downloading all the intermediate lessons which I "Bookmarked". (meaning I clicked onto the label and it turned to "Marked as studied". I marked probably 50 lessons but only about 8 downloaded. 

Then I was told that I had to have the label "Bookmarked" not "Not marked as studied" on the lesson label. 

So which is it ????????? Bookmarked or Marked as studied?????that I should have on the label for the lesson. 

I love ChinesePod but this is the one thing I have a problem with which is in the way the lessons are organized. I really think they should have the numbers of the lessons in front of the names for easier identification.

To add confusion to this confused mind of mines, recently on the "Guided" plan I was given a number of lessons to study "as my own set". This time the lessons already say marked as studied so when I went to click onto the label to change it to "Bookmark" (as I was told to do .............???) to download the files BUT INSTEAD THEY JUST ARE REMOVED FROM THE LESSON PLAN. It's not that I can't find them, but now I have to go and look up all of the lessons that disappeared each time I want to study them. 

It's probably me but there's got to be an easier way than this to do things.

All I want to do is put all of my assigned lessons in once place and download them without making anything disappear......HELP PLEASE............

Also to add to the confusion

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