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Posted by chinesepod123456 May 20, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi There,

I just signed up and am trying to schedule lessons in "My Feed"....

First I bookmarked about 12 lessons, then went to the Schedule section and dragged them all to today's date.  I then subscribed to the feed via iTunes, but only one of the lessons shows up, even after selecting "update podcast" a couple of times.  Is there a limit to how many you can get per day?  I realize that 12 lessons is a lot, but I do want to listen to a bunch of them repeatedly, not just one per day.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?  Is there another way to get at the lessons besides via the RSS feed?

Please excuse my impatience.  I just want to get these on my iPod so I have them with me in the car tomorrow morning.... my commute to work is an hour each way, so I go through several lessons in a day (though I repeat all of those lessons  several times throughout the week).


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