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Australia Month on ChinesePod!

Posted by praxislanguage July 3, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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G'day ChinesePod...

For the month of July, ChinesePod will be focusing on Australia for all our listeners from the land down under. Lessons, interviews and groups discussing Oz will be available for all to enjoy over the coming weeks. To get involved just visit the Australia or Sydney groups!

Aussie intro
Being the closest Western nation closest to China, with huge amounts of natural resources and with a Prime Minister who speaks fluent Mandarin, you can see why Australia is creating relationships with the Chinese.

At ChinesePod the interest in Chinese from the Aussies is clear as both Sydney and Melbourne have two of the largest user bases studying Mandarin. The Australians may get slack for being slack, but not when it comes to learn putonghua!

Australia lessons:
ChinesePod did happen to start the celebration a little prematurely and have already published lessons on both Sydney and Kevin Rudd.

Intermediate - Sydney

Advanced Media - 澳洲总理秀中文

Discussions on both topics were very lively and we will be having more of the same this month, with a few interesting interviews on Dear Amber also to look forward to.

Kevin Rudd
This man has certainly had an impact on the interest levels of Chinese in Australia - lets have a look at how good he is at the Middle Kingdom lingo!

Kevin Rudd speaking Mandarin

Not bad, eh?
Word on the street is he learnt his Chinese right here at ChinesePod, so get listening and you too could be Prime Minister of.....stuff!

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