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“汉语桥”世界大学生中文比赛Chinese Bridge——Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

Posted by cassielin July 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hey guys,  I watched the  live opening ceremony of the 7th Chinese Bridge——Chinese proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students last night and I browsed many sites that content a lot of related information to this competition today.  It is very impressive, not only the competition itself but also those excellent contesters from all over the world. Have you ever heard about this competition before? Have you ever took part in this competition before? Are you interested in this competition? The 7th Chinese Bridge competition will last from July to August. I am going to watch the whole finals since I start summer vacation now and I have time to do that.^_^

Feel free to share your opinion.

Btw, a good news from Cassie!!  I was graduated on July 4th , happy graduation! And also happy Summer Vacation! ^_^


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