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第一回 : Headline

Posted by henning July 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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The headline of the first chapter is already a major roadblock:

第一回 甄士隐梦幻识通灵 贾雨村风尘怀闺秀

First Chapter / Act (第一回):

I identified 2 proper names:

  • 甄士隐 Zhēnshìyǐn
  • 贾雨村 Jiǎyǔcūn

So here is my try:

1. part: 甄士隐 has a dream/vision about the afterworld (?); in a vision he experiences / connects with the afterlife

2. part: 贾雨村 lives an ordinary life / life of a peasant (风尘) but dreams of / longs for (怀) the society ladies (闺秀 guīxiù)

Any other suggestions? If not I will continue with the actual story in the coming days - maybe it is easier than its title...

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