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Group 尉 (wèi)

Posted by henning July 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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Motivated by Lesson: C0787: Iron Your Clothes

Taken from character: 熨 (yùn)

Taken from word: 熨斗 (熨斗; an iron)


Pron: yùn, yù, wèi

Main radical:

Frequency: 4498

Meaning: an iron, to iron

Examples: 熨斗 (to iron)


Pron: wèi

Main radical:

Frequency: 5988

Meaning: (surname), milit. official, to quiet; old for: iron

Examples: 陆军中尉 (lieutenant)


Pron: wèi

Main radical:

Frequency: 1632

Meaning: console, comfort

Examples: 安慰 (console, comfort), 自慰 (masturbate)


Pron: wèi

Main radical:

Frequency: 3188

Meaning: azure, blue

Examples: 蔚蓝 (azure, blue)


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