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Group 彭 (péng)

Posted by henning July 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Motivated by Lesson: E0789 最低工资

Taken from character: 膨 (péng)

Taken from word: 通货膨胀


Pron: péng

Main radical:

Frequency: 2415

Meaning: to swell, swollen

Examples: 膨胀 (to expand, to swell); 通货膨胀 (inflation)

Pron: péng

Main radical:

Frequency: 1501

Meaning: (surname, diverse placenames)

Examples: 彭县 (county in Sichuan)

Pron: pēng, péng

Main radical:

Frequency: 3481

Meaning: sound of waves

Examples: (sound of waves); 澎湃 (surge)



Pron: pēng

Main radical:

Frequency: 4443

Meaning: onomatopoeia; (Cant.) to chase, drive away




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