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Group 青 (qīng, jīng)

Posted by henning July 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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Motivated by Lesson: B0791 Valentine's Day

Taken from character: 情

Taken from word: 情人节 (Valentin's day)


Pron: qíng

Main radical:

Frequency: 120

Meaning: feeling, emotion, passion, situation

Examples: 情报 (spy intelligence), 情感 (emotion), 情景 (situation, circumstances), 情节 (plot), 情理 (reason, sense), 情人节 (Valentin's day), 心情 (mood), 调情 (flirt), 同情 (compassion, relent, sympathize),  网际色情 (cyberporn)


Pron: qīng; jīng

Main radical:

Frequency: 497

Meaning: green (blue, black)

Examples: 青春 (youth), 青菜 (green vegetables), 青草 (grass), 青年 (youth), 青蛙 (frog), 青鱼 (herring), 青铜 (bronze),


( )

Pron: qǐng, qīng, qíng, qìng

Main radical:

Frequency: 421

Meaning: to ask, to invite, please (do sth), to treat (to a meal, etc), to request

Examples: 请问 (may I ask...), 邀请 (invite), 申请人 (applicant), 请求 (request),


Pron: jīng, jìng, qíng

Main radical:

Frequency: 435

Meaning: energy, perfect, excellent, refined, very, proficient

Examples: 精力 (energy), 精度 (precision), 精彩 (brilliant), 精确 (accurate, precise), 精神 (vigor, vitality), 精液 (semen), 酒精 (alcohol), 酒精 (elf)


( )

Pron: jìng

Main radical:

Frequency: 722

Meaning: still, calm, quiet, not moving

Examples: 安静 (quiet), 宁静 (tranquil, tranquility, serenety!), 冷静 (cool, cool-headed), 静默 (silence), 静脉 (vein)


Pron: jīng, jǐng

Main radical:

Frequency: 934

Meaning: eye

Examples: 眼睛 (eye), 眨眼睛 (wink)


Pron: cāi

Main radical:

Frequency: 1598

Meaning: to guess

Examples: 猜测 (guess, conjecture, surmise), 猜疑 (harbor suspicions, be suspicious, have misgivings), 猜忌 (be suspicious and jealous of)


Pron: qíng

Main radical:

Frequency: 1968

Meaning: clear, fine (weather)

Examples: 晴朗 (sunny and cloudless), 晴天 (sunny), 晴雨表 (barometer)


Pron: jìng, jīng

Main radical:

Frequency: 2545

Meaning: pacify; appease; calm, peaceful, quiet


Pron: jīng

Main radical:

Frequency: 3321

Meaning: leek

Examples: 芜菁 (turnip)


( )

Pron: jìng, liàng

Main radical:

Frequency: 4636

Meaning: make up (face)


Pron: jìng

Main radical:

Frequency: 5759

Meaning: modest, supple


Pron: qìng

Main radical:

Frequency: 8027

Meaning: (stone)


Pron: jìng

Main radical:

Frequency: rare

Meaning: cool, fresh, to cool, surname

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