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第一回: Chunk 8

Posted by henning July 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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原来女娲氏炼石补天之时,于大荒山无稽崖练成高经十二丈,方经二十四丈顽石 三万六千五百零一块.


My try:

[This time I am pretty lost as I do not know anything about the myth of 女娲, so please help...]

Originally, at the time when the goddess 女娲氏 prepared the stones to repair heaven, at the great wild mountains and the fabulous cliffs, she mastered 12 feet stones, handled 24 feet big boulders – 36501 pieces.


Breakdown (sort of):

Originally (原来),
at the time (之时) when 女娲氏 (nǚ Wā shì - a strange Goddess)
refined the stone (炼石) and repeared heaven (补天),

At (于) the great wild mountains (大荒山) and fabulous (无稽)  cliffs (崖) mastered (练成) 高经 (stone??) of 12 feet (十二丈),

Managed/handled (方经??)  24 feet boulders, 36501 pieces (三万六千五百零一块)

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