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食谱: 蕃茄炒蛋 (Recipe: Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes)

Posted by sushan July 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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Hi all, I’m starting to use this group to post recipes. The goal is to learn some recipe, cooking, and food vocab.  If you baidu the name of your favourite dish along with (shípŭ, recipe) or 做法 (zuòfă, method) you will come up with a lot of recipes.  (Pinyin works just fine in Baidu as well, I’ve just discovered – it takes the pinyin and gives you suggestions in characters.) Feel free to add corrections/suggestions both to the recipe or the Chinese.

蕃茄炒蛋 shípŭ fānqiéchăodàn

,鸡蛋, -3蕃茄,,胡椒

yoú4 jīdàn2-3 fānqiéyánhújiāo

cooking oil, 4 eggs, 2-3 tomatoes, salt, pepper


鸡蛋 打散, 蕃茄 切片 (有些人先去蕃茄皮但是我觉得太麻烦)

jiāng jīdàn dăsànbă fānqié qiēpiàn (yoŭxiē rén xiān qù fānqié pídànshì wŏ juéde tài máfan)

scramble the eggs and slice the tomatoes (some peel them, but I think it’s too much trouble)


guōrè,fàng liăng tāngsháo yoúyoúrèfàng jīdànchăo yīxià dào 3/4 shúde jiù chéngchū

 Heat your wok/pan, then heat 2 tbs oil. Add the eggs and cook til ¾ done, then remove from pan.

在加一点油, 入蕃茄, 炒一炒到香软的. 加鸡蛋,一起拌炒.加一点盐,胡椒

zài jiā yīdiăn yoúrù fānqiéchăoyīchăo dào xiāng ruăn de jiā jīdàn, yìqĭ bànchăojiā yīdiăn yánhújiāo.

Add a bit more oil if needed, then the tomateos, cook the tomatoes til they are soft and fragrant. Add the eggs to the tomatoes and stir everything together, then add salt and pepper.

This page has many tips and more elaborate recipes for scrambled eggs and tomatoes.

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