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Group 术 (shù)

Posted by henning July 18, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Motivated by Lesson: B0798 Equestrian

Taken from character: 术

Taken from word: 马术 (equestrian)


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Pron: shù, zhú

Main radical:

Frequency: 328

Meaning: very small bug, eggs of mantis

Examples: 技术 (technology, technique, skill), 剑术 (fencing), 马术 (equestrian), 魔术 (magic), 骗术 (trick, deceit), 信息技术 (IT), 艺术 (art), 战术 (tactics)

Pron: shù

Main radical:

Frequency: 674

Meaning: to narrate, to state, to express

Examples: 复述 (repeat, retell), 讲述 (to talk about), 描述 (to describe), 上述 (above mentioned)



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