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architecture book suggestions

Posted by urbandweller July 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Gesang suggested a book:

"ZHONG, Yuanzhao; CHEN Yangzheng (Edit.) (1986): History and Development of ancient chinese architecture. Compiled by Institute of the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Science Press, Beijing." (available in Engl. and Chinese)

thanks Gesang...I will check that one out!!

I have another suggestion about one that I just picked up recently out of a bargain bin at a local bookstore...

"Chinese Architecture" by Liang Ssu-Cheng

A respected and influential enducator, Liang Ssu-Cheng (1901-1972) was also a leading Chinese architect and pioneer in the scientific study of Chinese architectural history. This book, written during WWII in English for a western audience, presents a summary of his studies and explorations in North China for the Institute for Resesarch in Chinese Architectural History. Based on years of unprecendeted field studies, the text deals with a large number of structures. More than 150 photographs and nearly 100 of the author's original drawings provide a rare record and analysis of the temples, pagodas, tombs, bridges, and imperial palaces that are China's archictural heritage.

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