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What is it exactly they want?

Posted by gopo May 26, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello everyone,

I live in a lane in Shanghai (town center), and EVERY DAY, depending on the hour, there are recycling people who come. 70% of the time they use a bell to say "I'M HERE!", but during the 30% of time remaining, they ride a bike with a megaphone attached to it. The megaphone lists all of the items of interest to the recycling man. I have managed to pick up a few of these words (after two years of hearing it every day): computer, air con and microwave. However, some of them I didn't get to decript. Three of them sound like : youdiannao weisheng reize.

I suppose the list if pretty standard and I have already heard it in other parts of Shanghai. Can someone please help me solve this lasting mistery?!

:) Gopo

By the way, this list could be a nice basis for a new postcast.

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