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I am an italian/chinese interpreter

Posted by giorgioamanda July 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I found your website pretty interesting and I would like to introduce myself and asking some good reason that should I join here like an advanced user.

Due of my work I am always to speak with high position man and business man, my General Manager does not speak anything of chinese, I am his interpreter, I have a double linguistic background because I was born in China but I went in Italy when I was only a child,now I am back in Beijing and I found this job. My chinese pronunciation have not problem and I could understand almost everything when a mandarin chinese person talk with me, my "problem" at the moment is to drastically improve my chinese like I know my italian (that could be considered my mother language), I need everyday to improve my chinese with professinal sentences and complicated form of say something, my position in this company maybe could be considered the key of success, due my GM does not speak anything of chinese and even of english!

Said this, I will wait for your reply and how could you help me afford my problem.


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