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Day in Olympic Pictures : 1 Day Until The Big Show!

Posted by calkins August 7, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Workers put the finishing touches to the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center (青岛奥帆中心 Qīngdǎo ào fān zhōngxīn).

A hostess (女主人 nǚzhǔ rén) adjusts Olympic rings in her colleague's hair during a welcome ceremony at Beijing's Olympic Village.


A young performer (执行者 zhíxíng zhě) is caught off guard during the Great Britain flag-raising ceremony in the Olympic Village.



Tired volunteers watch rehearsal (排练 páiliàn) for Olympic podium ceremonies, prior to the opening of the Games in Beijing on Friday.

Commuters (通勤者 tōngqín zhě) pack a subway train at rush hour on August 7, 2008 in Beijing, China. Ten thousand athletes have arrived in China for the Olympics along with hundreds of thousands of fans.

A gymnast (体操运动员 tǐcāo yùndòngyuán) peforms on the beam during a practice session of the artistic gymnastics event.



Nastia Liukin of the US performs on the uneven bars (高低杠 gāodī gàng).





Shintake Yuko of Japan performs on the balance beam (平衡木 pínghéng mù).


A gymnast of Japan (日本 Rìběn) performs on the beam.




Britain synchronised divers (同步的潜水者 tóngbù de qiánshuǐzhě) Blake Aldridge and Thomas Daley practice off the 10M platform during a training session at the the National Aquatics Center, also known as the Water Cube.

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