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Day in Olympic Pictures : 开幕式 Opening Ceremony

Posted by calkins August 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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The first batch of an estimated 20,000 fireworks (烟花 yānhuā) lit up Beijing's night sky with excitement inside the Bird's Nest.


Fireworks light up the sky over the Bird's Nest (鸟巢 niǎocháo).





The fireworks seen from inside the Bird's Nest.






Performers get into formation (形成 xíngchéng).





A young girl gets ready to sing (唱歌 chànggē).




The Olympic Rings (奥林匹克五环 Àolínpǐkè wǔhuán) are lit up.





Against a blurry background and flashing lights, a performer (执行者 zhíxíng zhě) robed in traditional garments gazes into the immense crowd.



2,008 drummers (鼓手 gǔshǒu) perform in perfect sync.












Moving in perfect harmony, dancers (舞蹈家 wǔdàojiā) perform on the intricately decorated floor.




Traditionally dressed (传统上穿戴 chuántǒng shàng chuāndài) dancers perform.




Robed in vibrant blue, performers evoke China's maritime history with oars assembled to form pictures of Ming dynasty (明朝 Míngcháo) treasure ships.


A kung fu (功夫 gōngfu) artist displays her skills.






Preparing to perform Tai chi (太極拳 tàijíquán).





Lighted performers create a blur (迷离 mílí) of light as they run.





Soldiers from the People's Liberation Army (解放军 jiěfàngjūn) carry the Olympic flag.




The Olympic Flame (奥林匹克火焰 Àolínpǐkè huǒyàn) is transported around the top of the stadium by a "flying" Chinese Olympian Li Ning.



The Olympic cauldron (奥林匹克大锅 Àolínpǐkè dàguō) lights up at the top of National Stadium.

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