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我和你 Olympic Song

Posted by penben August 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I found the Olympic Song at the 2008 Olympic opening ceremony a good, easy, learning experience.  Most of the words I knew (yes, it is a very simple song, perhaps Ellie level), but there were a few to learn.  I'll share the lyrics for you:


wǒhénǐ, xīnliánxīn, tongzhùdìqiúcūn, wèimèngxiǎng, qiānlǐxíng, xiānghuìzàiběijīng.


láiba! Péngyǒu, shēnchūnǐdeshǒu, wǒhénǐ, xīnliánxīn, yǒngyuǎnyījiārén.

You and Me From one world We are family

Travel dream

A thousand miles Meeting in Beijing

Come together

Put your hand in mine

You and Me From one world We are family

I've added the pinyin, so correct me if I'm wrong.  And please note, these are the official lyrics, not an exact translation.  It seems at least in this case the Chinese is more syllable efficient so there is more going on in Chinese than in English.

My translation is roughly this:

You and me, heart to heart (connecting our hearts?),  living together in the global village, because of this dream, traveled a thousand miles, meeting each other in Beijing. Come! Friend, hold out your hand, you and me, heart to heart, forever one family.

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