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《我自民间来》 (3)

Posted by goulnik August 15, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I only have vague memories of the funeral, but I remember a number of people wearing red caps.
I was carrying a red lacquer tray with a wooden tablet on it, which I was told was my mother.
I did not understand much, I just felt that the procession was quite interesting.

依稀 yīxī v.p. vague; dim
出殡 chūbìn v.o. carry a coffin to the cemetery
队伍 duìwu n. troops
红帽子 hóngmàozi n. red cap
木盘 mùpán n. wooden tray/plate M:只
木牌 mùpái n. wooden placard/notice M:块

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