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Posted by huomao May 31, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

For a long time now I have been interested in Chinese idioms (成语) but I know there are 几百 if not 一千多,考虑到雪哪个成语我没办法。所以最近最近两个月过我收集了50多的成语。 I thought I would share some here and get opinions as to their commoness (is that actually a word) and usefullness and anything else in general that would be useful to know. As many people have hanzibar or equiv. I won't bother putting in translations.

窗明几净  -  uttered about my apartment (not true, think it was sarcastic).



谆谆教导  -  I'm a teacher afterall


大名鼎鼎 -  students said this about me


门可罗雀 - 车水马龙的反义词 many people don't seem to understand this one.

骑着毛驴找毛驴 -  Right under your nose! not really a 成语 but funny





Anyway, there are just a few. This is a part of the language I find very interesting but don't hear much about.




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