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I want to learn English here.

Posted by alexmikos August 16, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I am new here and from china.I found this website by search of google.there are a lot interesting things here.even I find so much chinese lessones in this website.that's really helpful for the people who want to learn chinese.

About me,I have been learning English for one year by myself.I found this "difficulty" language is very sexy.now I am interesting in the western culture,especially movies,musics,sports..etc. in fact,I found a way to learn English here.hmm...I can listen to the simple chinese dialogs,and I found it means in English.so I can leaning chinese(actually,I am good at it) and english at the same time.even if I am still a beginner of English.but I think I can learn it better in the near future.as you learn chinese.

hey,my grammar still bad,let's go ahead..

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