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Jin Tian wo chang ge!

Posted by hilty720 June 2, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

that was random, yes, but today i have been singing a lot, in between my studies for my final exams. I find that i am relieved to have passed my Chinese final with an 83% or a B- (i think). I think that my final grade is now around a B or a low A. =]  I am very happy or (wo hen gao xing!) sory for the lack of tones, still new with typing chinese in the computer.

 On a seperate note, my teacher is having my class of 3 people keep a journal over the summer. For this assignment we must  write a minimum of one sentence a day for three months, so thats about 45 entries. I am very excited about keeping up with my chinese. 

I might sound like a nerd, but chinese is the only class that i truly enjoy. I am in love with the cultures of Japan and China. I love watching the animations that come from Japan, but not they little kiddie shows like Yugioh (Boo =[ ).


any way, many people might not see this because my free account is gonna run out in a few days which i don't really understand..... if its free why will it run out? O_o



Corbin (Xing Ri) 

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