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Choosing a program in Taipei & applicable grants

Posted by macrok June 6, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I got a MOE scholarship to study Chinese in Taiwan and I have applied to three programs in Taipei, Taiwan.  I was wondering if anyone had input on these programs. 

I applied to the MTC at Shida (NTNU), ICLP at Taida (NTU), and Mandarin Studies Program at Zhengda (NCCU).  I have been accepted to the programs at NTU and NCCU (Zhengda) and am still waiting to hear from Shida.

The most renowned programs seem to be MTC and ICLP but ICLP is about 4 times as expensive. The ICLP seems to get much more credence but I'm wondering if it's worth the exorbitant tuition   I've also heard horror stories about the workload at ICLP...  

The MOE scholarship is only 25,000 NTD per month and does not even cover the tuition of ICLP, much less housing and living expenses.  On the other hand, it would cover the tuition and most likely other expenses if I chose to go to MTC.  However, I have read online in a forum stating that MTC is going "drastically downhill" in recent years.  I'm not sure how accurate this assessment is though. 

Also, does anyone know of grants or scholarships that I could apply for?  I just graduated in May '07 from undergrad w/ a BA. 


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