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Emma and Joels's group discussion - continued...

Posted by jwin May 18, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I can't find our old thread, and yeah I hope An Laoshi can find it becuase we posted a lot of stuff on there :(

(Maybe we should have saved it to word or something, i guess the writing was kind of on the wall)

Anyhow before I came across all these computer problems I was going to summerise the character observations we'd made from all those other lessons:

Zhang Liang: Zhang Liang never seems to put up with a lot with and rarely loses his temper. He can be quite diplomatic, (calling his girlfriend's best friend thin, fairly tactfully trying to fend of li fei), he also has a penchant for excrutiatingly soppy lines (my happiest time of the day is when we are together, you are my best vitamin, etc., etc.). He is very accomodating, perhaps gullible. 他工作得很辛苦。I think we could almost call him a bit of a pushover. He seems to be led on by everyone including lili and his best 'bro'... do you think lili and the internet billionaire are having it off?

Lili and Fei Fei i think could perhaps be considered flipsides of a playboy bunny.

Lili: a badly behaved precious girlfriend. agitating her friends with excessive public displays of affection, causing scenes in shopping centres, cavorting with 30 year old billionaire exs.

Fei Fei: the obsessed co-worker. 'always talking nonsense', 'not only humerous but modest and hard working...' etc. etc. grabs on like a bull terrier that can't be shaken off. attacks on the night shift. what she lacks in feminine wiles she makes up for in persistace.

But of course the crown for Queen of Mean has to go to... Lili's best friend. 'It's not like they're married'

I hope our other thread turns up :(

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