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Katherine S and Tam's discussion

Posted by than1 May 18, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

hey, I've been looking at the 'lovers spat' dialogue and I reckon their whole argument is just because of their miscommunication. Zhang Liang says 'wo zhen gao bu dong nu ren' showing that he doesn't understand how the female brain works as he can't see any logic to Lily's shopping habits. I think that Lily really starts the fight when she says 'ni bu nai fan le, bu xiang pei wo le', but Zhang Liang trys to avoid a fight by telling her that he is most happy every dey when he is with her. I think we could use strong characterisation for both Lily and Zhang Liang, especially as Lily's bad mood is obvious when she says 'ni shuo huang'. The last line 'ni zi ji qu' has a lot of attitude in it, so I think Lily would pronounce it in a harsh and hurtful manner. Maybe for the staging of it, Zhang Liang can be sitting down while Lily thinks about the clothes, and then when the argument heats up, he'll stand. Just let me know what you think!

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