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Posted by etak May 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi, we think it is an intersting story so wanna know how it goes after the story of "the Come-on".

We are presenting “A fated meeting” and “Love letter”, which is the beginning of the story and is the story about Zhang Lian expresses his love to Lili.

To briefly summarize the story, there are 6 people, Zhang Lian, Lili, Chen Jin, Feifei, Zhen Hua, Liu Xiang on the story. Zhang Lian and Lili who met on BBS go out together, but Zhang Lian more fascinated by Lili, I think. Chen Jin is Lili’s old friend but Feifei, who is Chen Jin’s friend and is also Zhang Lian’s co-worker is attracted by Zhang Lian so Chen Jin sort of encourages her to go out with Zhang Lian. There is also Lili’s ex-boyfriend come up who is an internet millionaire, and Zhang Lian starts feeling worried about the relationship between Lili and the rich guy. In “the Come-on”, Feifei tries to be close to Zhang Liang but he seems awkward.

I guess Lili and Liu Xiang start going out, which Zhang Lian is worried about, but Zhang Lian and Feifei, I don’t think it works, he still has a feeling about Lili….

It is hard to memorize the story and pronounce correclty so we are strugging...but only around one week left so gotta study harder...(;-;)

Anyway, if there is anything wrong with our summary plz let us know!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone---(^o^)

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