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Posted by kpas May 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey guys, I can't find our previous conversations on 88groups....should we be alarmed?

Anyway, just thought I'd post a rundown of the play and our position in it based on our discussion in our meeting last Thursday.

1 - A Fated Meeting: Zhang Liang and Chen Li (Lili) meet for the first time in real life and talk briefly in a coffee shop about their online activities.

2 - Growing Affections: Zhang Liang walks Lili home, a good opportunity for flirting with such lines as "Ni de jiemao zhen piaoliang"..."your eyelashes are so pretty"!

3 - The Jealous Friend (us!): Zhang Liang and Lili meet Lili's old friends Chen Jing for a meal. Chen Jing is quite irritable (because of jealousy?) and insists on eating longxia (lobster).

4 - Lovers' Spat: Zhang Liang and Lili go shopping. Lili is quite unreasonable and Zhang Liang is submissive, he ends up just agreeing with her to keep the peace cause he likes her so much!

5 - Love Letter: Zhang Liang continues to express his feelings for Lili but she cuts him down a bit saying "Ni jiu zhi you zhe yi ju haoting de hua."..."You only have one good line!"

6 - An Old Flame (us again!): Lili comes across an old friend, Liu Xiang, who Zhang Liang recognises as a high-flying rich business man. Zhang Liang (who is late again) wonders if Lili has feelings for Liu Xiang.....

7 - A Guy's Advice on Women: Zhang Liang discusses his concerns about Lili with his brother Zhen Hua. Zhang Liang feels threatened by Liu Xiang, Lili's wealthy ex-boyfriend. Zhen Hua thinks something is probably going on between Lili and Liu Xiang....sad news for Zhang Liang (if it's true) because he still likes Lili so much.

8 - Scheming Girls: Chen Jing (who we meet in the Jealous Friend) establishes that her friend Feifei (Li Fei) works with Zhang Liang. She wonders if Feifefi is interested in Zhang Liang and displays a pessimistic attitude about the future for Lili and Zhang Liang.

9 - The Come On: Li Fei (perhaps encouraged by Chen Jing) tries to put "the moves" on Zhang Liang at work. She is suggestive, flatters him continuously and he tries to be modest.

Oh the dramas of love...How are you guys going with your individual parts?

Remember to pay attention to the phrases - it's important we know when to pause (like a native speaker) to make sure our parts flow well together and sound as natural as possible.

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