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Ji-won (Jeffery) & Sun-young's discussion

Posted by jjeo May 16, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi, Sun-young

I just finished the reading of all scripts...you know our one "A guy's advice on women" is quite long but we have just this one for our play...fair enough :) Anyway, I think it's important to understand the relationships between the people in the story...there are total six people in the story. Zhang Liang and Lily are the lovers, Liu Xiang, the 30 years old millionaire, he is Lily's ex-boy friend, and Chen Li is a colleague of Zhang Liang in the company. Also Chen Jing and Zhen Hua are the friends of Lily and Zhang Liang respectively. Our one, "A Guy's Advice on Women" is a dialogue between Zhang Liang and Zhen Hua. Basically Zhen Hua gives some advices to Zhang Liang about the problem between Zhang Liang and Lily. The problem arised because of Liu Xiang.

This is the basic information about the relationship between the people in the story and I hope it helps you to understand the scripts...I'll tell you my own summary of it by tomorrow morning..plz keep monitoring!!

Good night~

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