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Jezza and Madeleine's discussion

Posted by mbro May 14, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Jezza, both our dialogues (growing affections and scheming girls) are so hilarious- we have to compliment each other so much haha! ohwell, I think its a good thing, as now we can really exaggerate our parts and have fun with it.

I think the writers of these dialogues had a lot of fun with it. In each one there seems to be a scandal or some sort of mystery which leads onto the next one.

In 'A fated meeting' the characters are quite held back as they are only just meeting in person, and they seem to become more comfortable with each other throughout the following scenes.

In 'growing affections' I think that Lili and Zhang are not only getting to know each other's qirks but also really falling for each other. It seems theres more affection than what is actually being said...so we need to make sure we depict that clearly when we are acting it out- maybe use heaps of gestures, smiles and pauses etc.

'The jealous friend' was is really interesting as it brings the feelings of lili's best friend into the picture. She is jealous of all the time that lili is spending with Zhang, and she feels neglected.

The 'lovers spat' is really quite funny as their fight is only about shopping and not very serious. It really depicts how much zhang cares about lili's feelings and how touchy they are with each other.

The 'love letter' shows how much zhang cares for lili and how lili appears to think that hes a bit cheesy.

an 'old flame' is interesting as one of lili's ex boyfriends who happens to be a very successful and rich man runs into lili and they plan to meet up again.

'a guys advice on women' is zhang's brother telling him to come to terms with the fact that lili is cheating on him with her rich ex boyfriend. Its obvious that the brother is still hurt about the way his ex girlfriend treated him, and he appears to be anti- women!

'scheming girls' is lili's best friend attempting to get her friend to make a move on zhang. I think its a reflection of the best friend's jealously towards lili's relationship, as if she causes trouble, they make break up, and then she may get her best friend back.

the 'come on' is the result of the scheme. The friend overtly compliments zhang in attempt to get his attention. Of course it works as zhang is not used to being so loved, as lili doesnt like to be cheesy.

Its all about the issues that arise with relationships, and how delicate situations can be.

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