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Alex and Catherine's group discussion

Posted by abox May 14, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi Catherine, I just finished going through all the other dialogues which helped to put our own into context. "Growing Affections" is just after they meet, hence the constant complimenting. "Scheming Girls" refers back to "The Jealous Friend" - Chen Jing is encouraging Fei Fei to go out with Zhang Liang, even though she's Li Li's friend, because she feels like a third wheel since the last two started dating and is jealous of the time they spend together. Given that, it's a bit ironic when she asks Fei Fei if she's envious (it's all getting very complicated!) I think this'll help when we present the dialogues - "GA" could be very flirty and over-the-top because Zhang is still in the process of trying to impress LiLi. What do you think?

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