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Max and Leo's group discussion

Posted by mmcn May 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

hi Leo,

have been looking over our dialogue, a guys adivce on women, and it looks pretty interesting. ill give you a breif rundown of what i think is going on there:

Zhen Hua accuses his friend (zhang liang) of not fulfilling his duties as a friend. Zhang then goes onto explain that he has been having problems with his girlfriend (who Zhen refers to as his wife. i have been doing some reading on this and it appears that it is custom in china to call someone in a strong relationship husband and wife). anyay, then the friend, zhen hua asks what is happening, but here i get a bit lost and he usues the phrase 花心.

anyway, zhang liang then goes onto explain how his girlfriend, lili has met up with an ex boyfriend of hers and how he is an internet billionare, and gives some detials about his age and what is happening with his company.

zhen hua then tells zhang liang that he must be careful of the old boyfriend, and he even suggests that lili might cheat on zhang liang in the dark.

zhang liang thinks that this is nonsense, and says that the two of them are jsut friends.

zhen hua then goes onto ask zhang liang how does he know. after all it sounds as though the old boyfriend has alot going to for him, he drives a sports car, drinks red wine, and gives diamonds. he asks, how are we to compare with him?

zhang liang believes that lili is a person of good character, not like a normal girl. he believes that she is devoted to him and will not decieve him.

zhen hua says that he understand that lili is a good girl, but thinks that lixiang will try and chase her, because of her excellent character. he understands he because he is her ex.

zhang liang conceeds that because lili is such a good girl that many people like her. he even conceeds that sometimes he thinks that she is even too good for him. now he thinks that both lixiang and lili have feelings for each other because they are meeting up. no wonder she doesnt have time to meet with him, or come online to chat.

finally, zhen hua points out that zhang liang has come around and recognised what he has been saying. it is time to take action!

anwyay thats a translation i have done on the piece. have a read over the text yourself and tell me what you think, and we can work out what we are going to do with the piece.

what character was i again, a (zhen hua) or b (zhang liang)?

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