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Jay, Jo & Katherine P

Posted by kpas May 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Hey Jay and Jo!

Our apparently technologically illiterate group can finally get our project discussion online cause I figured out how this works haha.

So, as we discussed in our meeting last Thursday we should all now be up-to-date with the ongoing sagas of Zhang Liang and Lili. Looks like things aren't going too well for them! Maybe these relationships that start online just don't work. Zhang Liang is clearly much more open about his feelings for Lili than she is. Although Zhang Liang's tactics aren't so "smooth" as he said, I love his line "you're eyelashes are so pretty"! Lili doesn't seem to like Zhang Liang expressing himself so this, combined with the emergence of Liu Xiang and Chen Jing's jealousy all seem to be working against them!

So, we need one person for Zhang Liang, one for Lili and one to be Liu Xiang/Chen Jing - this person has to be able to express the jealous nature of Chen Jing (and her lobster fetish) and of course the success of Liu Xiang.

I think we could get pretty creative with props. I really liked the idea we came up with for An Old Flame. Any more ideas for The Jealous Friend?

We can discuss it all further in our meeting tomorrow. Did you both manage to podcast the dialogues?


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