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Viv and Susan's group discussion

Posted by shul1 May 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey Viv, I have done a translation of the fated meeting, the basic summary follows: A guy (Chen Li) walks into a cafe to meet a girl(Zhang Liang), they haven't met in person before, only online. Chen Li was late because there was alot of traffic, and he makes a joke about his appearance, which Chen Li finds funny. They both order Mochas and speak about work and the forum which they met on and how they manage to fit in the time to go online, Zhang Liang secretly goes on while working overtime and Chen Li has alot of spare time and nothing to do after work so goes online then. Zhang Liang implies that he has enjoyed meeting Chen Li and then the drinks arrive.

I had trouble with one of the sentences in the dialogue, Chen Li's second line :你本人和网上的感觉挺像的。


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