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Week in Olympic Pictures (2)

Posted by calkins August 22, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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A Chinese supporter (支持者 zhīchízhě) in the Bird's Nest Stadium reflects the nation's sadness as their hurdler Liu Xiang limps out of the Olympics.

A Beijing Olympics mascot (吉祥物 jíxiángwù) shows the Games are not all about serious competition as he mimics the stretches of a South Korean handball player.

Competitors in the men's BMX (小轮车 xiǎolúnchē) competition provide another magic moment as they appear to fly through the final.

Athletes competing in the women's 20km (12.4 miles) walk pass in front of Beijing National Stadium (北京国家体育场 Běijīng guójiā tǐyùchǎng).



Michael Phelps brought his hands down through the water and touched the wall .01 seconds before Cavic finished his glide to the wall, swiping the gold medal (金牌 jīnpái) and tying Mark Spitz' record of seven golds at one Olympics.

Mahiedine Mekhissi of France placed second in his 3000m steeplechase (障碍赛 zhàngài sài) preliminary heat with a time of 8:16.95.



Usain Bolt of Jamaica leading the pack in the 100-meter dash (100米短跑 100 mǐ duǎnpǎo).

Table tennis
(乒乓球 pīngpāngqiú) action.



Olympic cheerleaders. (加油加油加油 jiāyóu jiāyóu jiāyóu :)

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