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added 爱,才有希望

Posted by goulnik September 2, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

added 有爱,才有希望 / 郭丽萍 story, under section [2] 亲情篇

2003年6月2日,星期一,阳光明媚风和日丽。我一个白血病康复者,重新坐到了阔别近三年的桌旁。我上班了! 阳光明媚 yángguāngmíngmèi f.e. The sun is shining brightly
风和日丽 fēnghérìlì f.e. warm and sunny weather
白血病 báixuèbìng n. leukemia
康复 kāngfù v. recover
阔别 kuòbié v. long separated/parted


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