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Why we should study harder (sort of)

Posted by mandarinboy August 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Everyone that have been to China have seem them, the absolutely lovely Chinglish signs. At my first visit to China many years ago i did se when they where painting a 20 by 5 meters large sign outside the airport. It ment to say Microsoft but where spelled Missosoft. Handpainted, outside an international airport  and that large, i just loved that. So, not to make jokes on others behalf but bear in mind when you are struggling hard with getting the grammar and the strokes correct that the Chinese have equaly problems with your language. Whenever i feel angry over my own inability to write a certain Chinese character I visit this site: http://www.chinglish.de/ After that i can go back and feel certain that it is not only me who finds it hard to learn a new language;-)  Note, I realy do not make joke of Chinese people here. I rather make joke of my own problems getting the Chinese strokes and grammar right. To make it even i might as well tell me own biggest misstake.

At a test at school in Beijing i asked a Japanese student if i could borrow her "female genital part" (bī) instead of a pen (bǐ). Tones are realy very important! I did pass the test but my teacher never stoped laughing at me after that.

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