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Wang Fei lyrics to Chess (qizi)

Posted by mandarinboy August 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: wang feie, faye, chess, qizi

This is my all time favorite Chinese song, maybe because it is the song that they played when I meet my wife for the first time. Anyway, the song is wonderful and since it is a ballade also very easy to understand the words when listening to it.



Normal annotated text: http://www.euroasiasoftware.com/texts/chess/chessballon.html

Status bar annotation: ( Note, depending on browser version you might need to set this site as trusted to be able to view the annotation in the status bar. It is the javascript that is treated as potential unsafe. The source code for the javascript is all in the document if anyone like to check)



With pinyin annotation:


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