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How do you use Chinesepod?

Posted by mandarinboy August 31, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I just come back to Tokyo after a long flight from Sweden where I have been listening to Chinesepod most of the time. After reading some of the posts about the new changes for non subscribes where some people seems to think that there is not enough stuff in the premium package for them to be willing to pay I asked my self, how does other people use Chinesepod? Please add your experiences and thoughts. I can’t be the only one that feel that there is actually very good stuff in the premium content.

This is what I do with it.

-         I download the whole package to my IPod touch. In that I can not only listen to the dialogues, I can also se the dialogue in Chinese (for beginner also with pinyin). I usually listen to the dialogues when I ride the bike to and from work. I usually listen to the dialogue twice on the way to work and then the repetition and words on the way back.

-         When I come home in the evening I log in to the net and reads though all the dialogues. Useful patterns and sentences I save in my own software for future use.

-         I do take a couple of tests with the flash cards. Interesting new words I save to my vocabulary collection for repetitions.

-         I am lucky to have a Chinese wife since over a decade so I let her play one part in the dialogue and hence we can practice the spoken Chinese. She is also taking the new words and let me construct new sentences wit them.

-         I am often revisiting old lessons to refresh my memory.

-         From time to time I download lessons from the advanced section just to challenge my listening skills.

-   When flying or sitting in booring meetings (I have a lot of those) I log in to the Iphone version of the site and takes some flashcards tests.


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