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WLCP new features preview

Posted by andrew_c September 1, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

The next version isn't ready yet, but I think that WLCP has made acquired some useful new features that I wanted to share.

I recently saw a post, which I can't find anymore, suggesting aligning characters and Pinyin in the CPod PDF file.  Related to this, Jane pointed out to me a few weeks ago a really nice way to align bopomofo with the corresponding character.  I really like these ideas, since I don't pay enough attention to the characters when reviewing. The next version however, will allow you to view the expansion sentences in this way if you desire.


I've also made the documents to be fully customizable to each individual user's liking.  This is achieved using style sheets to control the appearance (I like my characters BIG), and XSLT to control the content (Pinyin vs. bopomofo, traditional vs. simplified, or all of the above now if you prefer).


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