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Posted by matthiask September 3, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

in the september changes thread, I got for my google critic a respose that I could "... go to ask.com"

I would like to share my thoughts on that in another topic, as it collides with the original thread:

Well that doesn't matter, they are all doing the same. It is one thing, scanning the internet for you and giving you the results on a search term you do and another to save whatever you type, whatever you click and whatever you do. They buy killer applications (writely, google earth, sketchup, orkut ...) to totally bind your location based information to your profile. 

However, there is no search engine that does differently. And even when you think, you have nothing to hide, so it's okay, it is still an infringement on your privacy (although you declare by using it, that you agree on that) and this information is the source of their income, they are mining your brain to get profits.

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