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Posted by redgreen September 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys,

I've been one of those rotten bastards who listens to your podcasts for free all the time. I love what you do. Jenny is the most understandable chinese speaking person on the planet.

The kicker is that I am learning Chinese with absolutely no recourse to the character system and so want a system that teaches the language as though han4zi4 did not exist. In other words with everything readily translated English-Pinyin every time.

Plus I'm a poor bastard, so poor I don't even have a credit card. I don't have a bank account even, so to sign up I'd need to find somebody with a credit card. 

I'd probably do it if the programs were written for learners like me (pinyin only learners) but since they're not I hope I can just continue listening in a few hours a month.

Just being honest. I sincerely admire all of you.





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