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Character etymology for newbie "street argument" 看

Posted by mandarinboy September 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Since 看 is very similar to (yǒu, to have) we take this as well.


Pinyin: kàn

Meaning: look, see

HSK level: 1 (basic)

Frequency: 82

Strokes: 9   

Radical part:

Stroke order: http://www.yellowbridge.com/chinese/character-stroke-order.php?searchChinese=1&zi=%E7%9C%8B

Etymology: The original shape:




Is a hand that is held over the eye to block the sun's rays so he could se more clearly.  The parts are: 手 ( hand) and 目 (sun)

Example words:

看病 kànbìng  see a doctor; see a patient
好看 hǎokàn  good-looking
看法 kànfǎ      way of looking at a thing; point of view; opinion
看来 kànlái      apparently; it seems that; it appears; it seems

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