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Is everybody happy with CPod - or maybe not?

Posted by 7dwarfs September 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: deficiency, website

I've just tested CPod for seven days. The podcasts are very good, no question!

But what I don't like:

(1) ... the navigation of the whole website. E.g. why is the Vocab trainer hidden under "Me". The trainer is no fun to use.

(2) ... there is no possibility to copy and paste the lesson text.

(3) ... the Community section, where it is very difficult to find something. There is no threading, no search, everything is together: lesson posts, group posts, ... Very bad.

(4) ... the traditional character support is very poor.

As I am quite new here (and thinking about a subscription), I would like to hear some opinions about these deficiencies, and how paying subscriber cope with these.

Thank you in advance!

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