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非常坚强的中国妇女 fēicháng jiānqiáng de Zhōngguó fùnǚ

Posted by calkins September 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: very strong Chinese woman, 非常坚强的中国妇女

Just so this group doesn't get stale!








fēicháng jiānqiáng de Zhōngguó fùnǚ

T : 非常堅強的中國婦女


S : 非常坚强的中国妇女




Example Sentence

wǒ jiù bù xìn yīgè fēicháng jiānqiáng de zhōngguó fùnǚ kěyǐ tóuzhì tā.

I just wouldn't believe that a very strong Chinese woman to be able to throw him.

(not sure if my grammar is correct here).

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