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Version 2008.09.14.testing

Posted by andrew_c September 15, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

WeLoveChinesePod 2008.09.14.testing has been released for testing by advanced users. This release introduces significant new features.

  • HTML files are no longer produced.  Instead, a single XML file is produced which contains all content including Key & Supplementary Vocabulary, Dialogue, and Expansion sentences. This XML uses XSLT and CSS to control how this content is presented to you.   Advanced users can fully customize the presentation by editing welovechinesepod.xsl and welovechinesepod.css to their liking. These XML files appear in the root folder due to a security setting in Firefox involving accessing files from other directories.
  • The default XSLT stylesheet uses ruby character annotation. (Note, if you don't want to use these, feel free to edit welovechinesepod.xsl).  The only browser I found that supports this well is Firefox 3 with the XHTML Ruby Support extension.  For the content to display correctly you have to use this extension, which can be downloaded here, and you need to change the settings as follows: In Firefox: Tools->Add-ons, then click on the Preferences button for XHTML Ruby Support, then go to the Ruby Appearance tab, and then near the bottom select "Expand to Ruby height"
  • Video lessons more or less work now, without crashing due to the dialogue tab's absence.
  • Vocabulary mp3 files are downloaded and combined into a single mp3 file.

For more information see the WeLoveChinesePod web page.

If you accept the license and disclaimer at the bottom of the WeLoveChinesePod web page, then feel free to download WeLoveChinesePod 2008.09.14.testing

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